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LED:the future light

the future is much brigther with LED bulbs and lighting

with the revolution of LED lighting,it represents a huge change in the way we use lighting and energy worldwide.An additional bonus and one that we are noticing here at LSL company is the most changes,LED's have come down in price dramatically over the past year which is great for our customers because it means we can pass on the savings to all our customers,we are starting to see much bigger sales in this market .

Advantages of the LED technology

Minimal consumption:LED saves up to 80% electricity
Extremely long service life:up to 25000hous
Nice and bright:suitable different design and high output lumen
Pleasant color temperatures:2700K-3200Kelvin(warm white),4000-4500K (day
white),5000-6000k(cool white),and other customisze choice
On immediately:with full initial brightness
Dimmable models
Unburdened:no infrared or UV radiation
Robust:against vibrations and jolt loads
Decorated shapes and color for divers luminaire styles

Incandescents are off the market,since 2009,energy-efficient bulbs have gradually been replacing conventional bulbs,this measure is the result of freamework directive(EUP32/2005)of the EU Climae Change Programme.